The endless route 40 between Perito Moreno and Calafate Perito Moreno glacier - 35 km long, 3,5 km wide und 60 m high Armadillo in the Pampa Ushuaia - southernmost town at the ende of the world Bosque Petrificado (petrified forest) in Sarmiento
A tree-trunk? - a rock! Penguins on Península Valdéz in Patagonia Cacti in the highland near Cafayate Colorful rock formations between Cafayate and Salta Colorful rocks between Cafayate and Salta
View of Salta in northern Argentina Pass-road from Salta to Cachi The whole surroundings of Cachi smells of paprika Eroded landscape in "Paprika Country" Iguazú Falls on the border to Brazil
Perito Moreno's lots of ice from a safe distance In the Andes southwest of Tucumán San Francisco church in Salta Colorful rock formations north of Jujuy "Human tree" in San Ignacio, Misiones